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Population Health - Risk Detection & Management Solutions

Detect unseen social and behavioral risks in patient populations.

Examples of the types of Risk Populations that can be reliably detected by payer/gender/other information already on medical records: Medication non-adherence by specific conditions, untreated conditions, suicide risk, all types of social/behavioral risks, over-utilizers


Consider utilizing ACS Pop Health research to fill the gaps in your current data collection process. Our research products are designed to help you obtain the necessary information, whether you are already collecting it or not. ACS has formed strategic alliances with all the data providers who can contract directly with you and enhance patient record demographic, ethnic, and micro-segmentation data in a compliant manner.

Target high-risk populations for intervention with unparalleled coverage and accuracy.


Achieving high accuracy levels and covering a high percentage of the population at risk can often be a significant obstacle when securing funding for intervention efforts. Research reports from ACS Population Health have frequently reported accuracy rates of 70% or higher, along with comparable coverage of the at-risk population.


Improve the management of population health risks by acting upon unparalleled contextual clarity and strategic insights.


Risk population health insights often lack context and specificity. For instance, if a group of patients is not taking their asthma medications, it is important to identify which other medicines they are also missing and prioritize interventions accordingly.  The lack of detailed specificity in risk population health analysis results in countless missed opportunities to impact health outcomes.


Pinpoint the communication channel preferences of the very patients you are trying to help.


ACS Population Health engagement reports directly link patient risk populations to their communication channel preferences. This information supports selection of healthcare messaging channels that defined patient populations will value and act upon.


Healthcare Channel Business Development Solutions

Create a detailed profile of your ideal healthcare B2B buyer, linked to their location data and preferred marketing channels.


ACS' partnership with Kantar Health Physician Study and MARS Consumer Health Study has resulted in a new capability that will benefit all B2B sellers in the healthcare marketplace. With our precise targeting capabilities, we can define, size, and locate physician audiences to perfectly align with your sales propositions. Don't waste your time and resources on ineffective marketing strategies - let us help you reach the right audience and close more deals.


Find the physicians in any market that the physician study research indicates will be most likely to buy what you offer.  


ACS Population Health has created a database of 7.8 million records that are related to Kantar's Physician Study. This database is tailored to the needs of Kantar's Physician Audience findings and includes information on all licensed physicians in the United States, as well as other types of licensed healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities. 


Detailed sales opportunities can be generated using data from 7.8 name and address locations. However, cross-checking with third-party providers is always recommended, despite the improved accuracy of public data over the years.


Physician audiences are categorized based on the products or services you sell, and they are segmented and sized for all U.S. markets.


Physician audiences are profiled across marketing channels, with quantifiable measures as to the # and % that each audience can be reached in each channel.


Interventional Success At Scale

The healthcare industry has often been described by risk and reach. The idea is to identify individuals who are at risk of preventable health problems and provide them with effective solutions. To achieve this, we need accurate methods to identify the right candidates and a thorough understanding of their preferred communication channels to get in touch with them and offer appropriate interventions.


Despite their limitations, every effort to improve interventional success has provided some value, even if there is still a long way to go in achieving interventions at scale. There are still preventable costs of over $3 trillion and countless lives that can be saved if interventions are widely implemented.


Achieving a more successful intervention scale will require integrating various methods, meaningfully contributing to a significant cumulative impact.


ACS has conducted research on detecting and preventing negative health outcomes by adding value to existing intervention methods. The research is comprehensive and actionable, helping to improve the accuracy of risk population data files by identifying specific medical record data points. This enables the targeting of interventional efforts, which can be especially helpful for populations without prevention initiatives. The research covers a range of preventable outcomes, including medication non-adherence, high-risk behaviors, behavioral health/suicide, non-compliance, excessive utilization, and social determinants of health.

Healthcare Work Product Examples and Use Cases Below
CentraForce Health Intellectual Property was purchased by Prealize Health in 2022, these examples are now properly sourced to Prealize Health

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